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MREC - Healing Children Through Creativity- 2 Day Workshop

The Healing Children through Creativity:  Art Therapy Training Workshop introduces educators, mental health and medical professionals to the basic principles and practice of art therapy with emotionally, behaviorally, developmentally and medically challenged children and adolescents.  The workshop blends theories and experiential exercises offering a thorough introduction in the therapeutic use of visual art as a powerful treatment modality.

This training event reviews various topics within the field of art therapy such as the history of art therapy, important evaluation techniques used by art therapists and case studies with client/patient artworks in Power Point presentations.  Participants need no prior experience or talent with art.

Workshop Goals:

  • Introduction to the field of art therapy.
  • Outline the history of art therapy highlighting key contributors to the field.
  • Explain the underlying principles of art therapy.
  • Outline the components for an art therapy course of treatment.
  • Experience art materials through art therapeutic processes.
  • Experience non-directive & directive evaluation & treatment approaches.
  • Illustrate art therapy principles & practice by reviewing six case studies of clients & their art therapeutic course of treatment.
  • Demonstrate the use of metaphor & healing stories in art therapy.
  • Present art therapeutic interventions to improve the client's self-esteem, increase insight, decrease acting-out behaviors.
  • Review forensic art therapy evaluation techniques for suspected child sexual abuse.
  • Review the importance of object relations, art making & expression.
  • Understand issues involving the interpretation of children's art.
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