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NESC Steve Dunn Writing Workshop Social Studies (Grades 7-12)
Workshop registration is open to NESC Grade 7-12 Social Studies teachers who have NOT participated in a previous Steve Dunn Writing Workshop of this type. Join us to learn how to enhance the use of writing in your classroom for improved comprehension and demonstration of course learning targets! Session Dates (attendance is required at all sessions):

- September 5, 2019
- October 29, 2019
- January 7, 2020
- February 25, 2020

Email Derryn.Johnson@nescnd.org to place teachers on a waiting list if any of the following situations below apply. These teachers may have the opportunity to register if space in the cohorts allows.
- You have a teacher who has participated previously but may need to go through the workshop series once again (refresher, change in grade level, etc.)
- The workshop has reached capacity, registration has closed, and you have another teacher you'd like to register
- You have a Grade 6 teacher who is a content area teacher in one of these three areas who you would like to be included. Sixth grade teachers will be welcomed in if space allows.

205 16th St NW, Devils Lake ND 58301| phone 701-662-7650 | fax 701-662-7658 | nesc@nescnd.org