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NESC Instructional Rounds - Spring 2020

All teachers are invited to register for this exciting opportunity!  Join a cohort of teachers to engage in instructional rounds (the shared practice of observing, discussing and analyzing learning and teaching)! Participants will be able to observe multiple teachers and classrooms each day of the workshop series, followed by reflection and planning for implementation. The rounds and debriefing sessions will be led by an experienced teacher/mentor/instructional coach.
Rounds will focus on the following instructional elements: classroom management, routines and procedures, and student engagement. Participants will also have the opportunity to observe instructional strategies of personal interest.
Participating teachers will be expected to implement learned strategies in the time between each session, sharing their trials and successes with their workshop colleagues. Additionally, participating teachers and their students will complete pre and post-surveys regarding instructional elements related to classroom management, routines and procedures, and student engagement.

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