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SEEC - Improving Academic Literacy - Cohort A
The Improving Academic Literacy (IAL) Project is a professional development opportunity sponsored by the South East Education Cooperative (SEEC). The goals of this project  are to become familiar with and implement research-based literacy strategies that will increase student achievement for learners. Cohort A is made of up of West Fargo high schools and elementary schools in Ellendale, Jamestown and Richland .

- August 15, 2017: IAL Kickoff - Engaging and Motivating all students

- September 27, 2017 Academic Language/Vocabulary (pt 1)

- November 28, 2017: Academic Language/Vocabulary (pt 2)

- February 7, 2018: Critical Thinking/Comprehension (pt 1)

- April 12, 2018: Critical Thinking/Comprehension (pt 2) & Structuring Effective Classroom Discussions

Dr. Kevin Feldman is well-known as a co-author of Scholastic’s READ 180 Intervention Program. His career in education spans more than 40 years. While Director of Reading and Intervention for Sonoma County Office of Education, he was responsible for developing, organizing, and monitoring programs related to PreK-12 literacy and the prevention and remediation of reading difficulties. To learn more about Dr. Feldman’s work, you may view workshop videos on vimeo (https://vimeo.com/album/2332570).

2 credits are available through VCSU.

Session 5 (Required)
(Thursday, April 12, 2018 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM)
Session ID: 35973
Day 5: Critical Thinking/Comprehension (Pt 2) & Structuring Effective Classroom Discussions - Richland
Seats Filled: 40 / 50
Location:Richland 44 School District, 106 Broadway, Abercrombie, 58001, Richland 44 - Elementary

Indicator 1.2: Stakeholders collectively demonstrate actions to ensure the achievement of the institution’s purpose and desired outcomes for learners.

Indicator 1.10: Leaders collect and analyze a range of feedback data from multiple stakeholder groups to inform decision-making that results in improvement.

Indicator 2.2: The learning culture promotes creativity, innovation and collaborative problem-solving.

Indicator 2.3: The learning culture develops learners’ attitudes, beliefs and skills needed for success.

Indicator 2.5: Educators implement a curriculum that is based on high expectations and prepares learners for their next levels.

Important Breakout Information:


• Learning Walk experience (AM)

• Session 5 Debrief and Study (PM): Content is based on the latest research findings (IES Summary) re: “best practices” including but are not limited to; engaging and motivating all students, academic language/vocabulary, critical thinking/comprehension (Part 2), and structuring effective classroom discussions

• Plan for Partner/Peer observation, debrief, and reflection

• Plan for Continued Learning Walks and discussions with other colleagues…

• INVITATION for 2018-19 commitment to Improving Academic Literacy Project

Bring your binder! Laptops/tablets will be needed for short periods at each session. Laptops/tablets will be needed for short periods at each session.

Lunch and snack will be provided.

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