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14430419/18/2019Braillist Back to School Refresher featuring MathType - MathType TrainingRefresh your braille production skills during this...Professional Development
144411310/1/2019From Interaction to Emerging Language: Communication Systems for Students with DeafBlindness, and Multiple Impairments and Visual Impairments (MIVI) - DB TrainingDiscover how to initiate conversation and in-turn ...Professional Development
147909710/2/2019Education of Students with Visual Impairments Special Education Leadership Network - Vendor RegistrationReview current national, state, regional, and loca...Professional Development
145471610/3/2019Orientation and Mobility Network MeetingNetwork with other O&M specialists. Learn the ...Professional Development
144807310/9/2019WORD for BraillistsWork smarter, not harder by using WORD®. Learn...Professional Development
146047910/15/2019Learning Media: Moving from Assessment to InstructionCompleting a robust and thorough Learning Media As...Professional Development
148062110/18/2019Visual Impairment Assistive Technology Open Lab - Open Lab VI TechnologyCompare, explore and learn about the available ass...Professional Development
145087910/29/2019Nemeth Code for Elementary and Middle School Mathematics - NTS VI Nemeth CodeIncrease your knowledge and skills of Nemeth Code ...Professional Development
145922011/15/2019Abacus: Basic Skills - New Teacher VI SeriesAcquire or refresh skills in using the abacus with...Professional Development
144709712/4/2019Literacy Strategies for Students with Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment - CVI TrainingCreate literacy materials for students with Cortic...Professional Development
145092112/11/2019Techniques for Developing and Using Tactile Graphics - NTS Tactile GraphicsIncrease competency in adapting graphics to tactil...Professional Development
144966512/13/2019Orientation and Mobility: Focusing on How to Teach, Not Just What to Teach - Street CrossingsLearn how to choose teaching strategies, rooted in...Professional Development
14547541/16/2020VI Administrators' Professional Learning CommunityParticipate in a professional learning community o...Professional Development
14509252/19/2020Evaluating Assistive Technology Needs of Students with Visual Impairments - NTS AT for VIDo you need help evaluating assistive technology n...Professional Development
14547625/13/2020Orientation and Mobility Network MeetingNetwork with other O&M specialists. Learn the ...Professional Development
14818669/11/2020Babies' Day Out EventJoin us as we bring a Babies' Day Out event to Reg...Professional Development

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