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DMI Making Meaning for Operations Day 4: Taking Portions of Portions

In "Taking Portions of Portions, or Multiplying Fractions," we examine students who are working on multiplying fractions. What sort of situations could be modeled by such a problem and what is it about such situations that make multiplication appropriate? What representations are especially useful for depicting multiplication of fractions? Issues arise as students begin to make sense of the operation of multiplication as it applies to fractions since their concepts have been developed in the context of whole numbers. Students must now reconsider the meanings and actions associated with multiplication in this new domain of rational numbers. The tools participants use to represent multiplication must expand from groups or arrays of discrete objects to representations that allow for non-whole number factors. As participants work on the ideas in their session, they will likely find that they must reconsider some of their own assumptions about the nature of multiplication in order to think through what it means to apply this operation to fractions. 
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Day 4 of 5 day workshop.
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(6) SD or CPE
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Susan Brown
Susan Brown
Administrators, Curriculum Leaders, Teachers, All Levels, Teachers, Special Education
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2/27/2018 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM Region 6 ESC

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