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Mathematics Learning Mats

Have you ever had students that copy from the board word for word, stroke for stroke, space for space, etc. just because they are asked to take notes and then cannot seem to retain what they had written on their paper?  What about a student that does not write anything down at all to reference later?  Every classroom has these students.  This session will focus on allowing students to lay out their own thinking in a way in which they can make connections and the teacher feels confident in the students' conceptual knowledge.  One great pull-out from this session is that learners do not even feel as if they are taking notes.  Participants will go through many hands-on and engaging activities that illustrate how to use thinking mats in the classroom to capture and harness the students in the appropriate levels of learning.  Also, teachers will be able to use pre-made templates along with create some of their own before leaving the session that can be immediately turned back around for next day use.
Important Session Information:

This session is for all grade levels.

Dimension 1.1: Standards and Alignment, Dimension 2.1: Achieving Expectations, Dimension 2.4: Differentiation; Standard 1 - Instructional Leadership

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(6) SD or CPE
2019-2020 Core Content Fee Service - $0.00
2019-2020 Math/Science Fee Service Members - $0.00
Contact Person:
Crissie Fowler
Crissie Fowler, Adena Frazier
Instructional Coaches, Teachers, All Levels
Date Time Location
12/10/2019 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM Region 6 ESC

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