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K-5 Math Summer Intervention Program
Math For Love

Shift from rote memorization, right & wrong answers and mathematical alienation to deep student engagement into the beauty and power of mathematical thinking. When we are not comfortable with math, we don’t question the authority of numbers. Learn the five principles to invite student mathematical thinking. Principle 1: Start with a question. Provide students room to refuse and doubt. Participants will learn how to ask authentic mathematical questions. Learn not to rush to answer; it robs kids of the opportunity to learn. Thinking only happens when there is time to grapple with real problems struggle. Principle 2: Teach kids to be tenacious and persevere. Develop students’ ability to take risks. Principle 3: You are not the answer key. Learn that not knowing is not failure. Give space for mathematical conversation and debate. Students doubt, affirm, deny and understand. Principle 3: The teacher says yes to student ideas. Learn how to accept wrong ideas into debate. Having your ideas disproven is a sign of respect. Learn to test student ideas with if/then statements. Principle 4: Provide students the gift of ownership. Math has the potential to be the greatest asset to teach kids courage, curiosity, and creativity of math. Principle 5: Mathematics is not about rules. It’s about play.

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Dawn Sparks
Dawn Sparks
Luke Matlack
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5/21/2019 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM Yakima Room
33 South Second Avenue, Yakima WA 98902