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OUR Human Trafficking

The internet is one of the single biggest factors affecting our children and their safety in society today.

We need to understand why, and as educators what affect it has on learning and beyond. Teen Internet

usage and attitudes about safety present potential risks, but also opportunities for education and a role

for watchful parents and guardians.

We will discuss predators, the truth behind who they are and what they are doing to groom children.

We will cover Internet Safety; risky behavior of sharing too much information online; dangerous apps:

and sexting. Sexting is an out of control issue that on average is starting with 5th graders and continually

getting younger. Our children need to know that inappropriate content goes beyond pictures and the

huge effect it has in shaping all aspects of their future. We will go over what Arkansas law says about


These risky behaviors of internet use are leading into a global issue commonly referred to as Human

Trafficking or Sex Trafficking. Sex Trafficking is a 32 Billion dollar a year business and is second only to

drug sales. We need to understand exactly what the definition is, what it means, and what trafficking

looks like amongst students today. Who does Human Trafficking affect and how? What are the signs of

human trafficking and can we as educators identify it? We will learn what Arkansas law says regarding

sex trafficking and why it’s critically important for educators to be involved in the process.

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Genevie Strickland
Audiences:  PreK-12
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7/19/2018 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM Ozarks Unlimited Resources Educational Cooperative - Ozarks Unlimited Resources Administration - Room 7