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NAESC Physical Science and Chemistry Integrated Unit Planning Cadre - GPS

This session provides opportunities to look at the changes developing in science education for Physical Science Integrated and Chemistry Integrated. Teachers attending this professional development will learn more about phenomenon-based, three-dimensional learning in science and how to embed this type of learning experience within the content of their lessons.  Teachers will plan within specific grade/content groups.  Unit plans will include formative assessment, instructional strategies, opportunities for critical thinking, and inquiry-based lab experiences.   Please bring any materials you currently use that will help you in planning lessons.  Co-op resources will also be available for planning purposes.  These will primarily be work days to allow you time for the depth of thinking required for good lesson planning.  The Science Specialist will be there to support you and to help with STEM integration into existing lessons as well.

TESS Components: 1a, 1c, 1d, 1e, 1f, 4e

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Participants should bring their laptops and the last three years of ACT Aspire data for their grade, if they have access to it.
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