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Using Natural Language Acquisition to Support Language Development in Gestalt Language Processors

  • Outline the six stages of gestalt language development as described by NLA, compared with the stages of analytic language development describe the research that described and quantified gestalt language development describe supports for gestalt language processors regardless of language development level describe supports for gestalt language processors at each stage of language development write goal statements for gestalt language processors at each stage of language development score a set of utterances produced by a child at Stages 1-5 of gestalt language development describe characteristics of older gestalt language processors, and unique supports for older GLPs describe considerations in assessing non-speaking and minimally-speaking students who might be GLPs

Important Session Information:

Gestalt language processing is a natural way of developing language that has been known in our field since the 1980’s, but it has been largely ignored because children who use gestalt processes are regularly misidentified as disordered analytic language processors. When gestalt language processors (GLPs) are treated like analytic language processors (ALPs), their progress is often limited. When they are treated like disordered ALPs, their potential progress is undermined by the compensatory strategies they are taught. When supported as GLPs, however, autistic and neurotypical gestalt language processors develop language naturally, and they are able to achieve the same self-generated language as ALPs!

This full-day training will prepare you to approach all your students from the lens of both analytic and gestalt language development. You will be able to use the protocol of Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) to understand and support gestalt language development and feel confident that you can approach all students with your knowledge of both styles of language development. Case examples will illustrate the progress of two students who were initially misidentified as ALPs, and who progressed in language development as measured and described by Natural Language Acquisition.

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2/29/2024 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Zoom Session, Online Course

11083 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45231

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