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Calendars and Routines

Calendars and Routines

Calendars serve three purposes 1) anticipation of upcoming events, 2) knowledge of changes in routines, 3) trust in an adult’s commitment to follow through on scheduled activities. Routines are a predictable chain of related events used to structure activities which teach a broad range of communication cognition, sensory and social skills. Routines have a clearing beginning, a specific number of steps, a clear ending and same time, same place, same material.

Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • why use calendars and routines
  • advantages/disadvantages of calendars and routines
  • types of calendars and routines
  • developing calendars and routines
  • access to calendars and routines

Workshops scheduled for this event title:

209 North Water St.
Corpus Christi, Texas 78401-2528
phone: (361)561-8400 fax:(361)883-3442