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  1. Meeting the Needs of Special Populations in CTE Programs
    As high school populations become more heterogeneous, situations arise that make it challenging to teach all students according to the same high standards. This webinar provides CTE educators with a variety of best practices and instructional strategies for engaging and educating a wide range of students, including students classified as at-risk, students with a disability, LEP and other disadvantaged or nontraditional students.

  2. The Monthly Monitor: Updates for State & Federal Programs

    The Monthly Monitor provides current information for program staff responsible for oversight of federal and state requirements. Webinar-based meetings include relevant and timely information on topics related to program and fiscal compliance and other related items. Meetings also provide opportunities for participants to network with other state and federal program staff within the region.

  3. Carl D. Perkins SSA Advisory Committee Quarterly Meetings

    Consultation zoom meeting with Carl D. Perkins SSA district contacts to review program requirements and procedures for both ESC and LEAs.

  4. DCSI Networking Meeting

    District Coordinators of School Improvement are invited to join the ESC 2 School Support Team for online meetings to learn about TEA School Improvement and Accountability updates, TIP implementation and monitoring guidance, and provide opportunities for DCSIs to share their work.

  5. HB3 Reading Academies: Blended Cohort Model

    HB 3 requires all kindergarten through third-grade teachers and principals to being the Texas Reading Academies training before the 2022-2023 school year.

    The academies are based on the Science of Teaching Reading, a term that describes educator application of evidence-based methods that best support development of skilled reading.

    The Texas Reading Academies Blended Cohort Model is a 11-month online training program for teachers, principals and other instructional staff. 

    The ESC-2 serves as an authorized provider and will facilitate each blended cohort model, provide registration support and grade artifacts.

  6. Create a Class Culture of Makers, Inventors, and Creators with Makerspaces (Asynchronous Course)

    Kickstart your makerspace with an understanding of what a makerspace is all about, suggestions to fill your makerspace, storage ideas, funding opportunities, resources to explore, and most importantly, developing the maker mindset.

    Note: Participants will have 3 weeks to complete the course asynchronously.

  7. Develop your own plan to implement an Engineering Olympics or STEM Field Day (Asynchronous Course)

    Plan, prepare, and construct an Engineering Olympics or STEM field day that will create an environment of enrichment and competition building on content and skills learned in the classroom. Your classroom content will serve as the touchstone for engaging events and activities for your students. In this session, you will develop the outline for organizing personnel, creating the competition events, and identifying your competition brackets or advancement criteria. We will also look at evaluating your schedule for the day as you prep your school space for feeding your students, judging their work, and assembling for the culminating celebration. Applicable to teachers grades 3-12.

    Note: This is an Asynchronous course. You will have three weeks to complete the course once enrolled.

  8. Online Makerspaces: Create your virtual platform (Asynchronous Course)

    Looking for ways to reach more students with STEM experiences and opportunities? Identify the characteristics of a virtual makerspace and determine ways to create a challenging and rewarding experience for your campus as they navigate your platform to build their maker mindset and move from consumers to creators. Help your campus build STEM fluency skills as students learn new tools that can be used to create products that demonstrate mastery of content and skills.  


    Note:  This is an asynchronous course.  You will be accessing both google classroom and nearpod to complete the course.  You will have three weeks to complete the course once enrolled.

  9. Prepare for the STAAR Test Question Redesign (Asynchronous Course)

    Build assessments for tomorrow- today!  Get your students prepared to think critically and adapt to the changing STAAR exam by identifying the different question types on the new STAAR exam.  Identify the different platform options to begin your quest to build more complex questions leading to stronger evaluation practices.

    Applicable to 3rd-10th grade.

    Note: This is an asynchronous Course.

  10. Insights into the STEM Toolkit- Community Tools edition (Asynchronous Course)

    Utilizing the STEM Toolkit from TEA and resources developed from the Region 2 Texas EcosySTEM, Insights into the STEM Toolkit- Community Tools Edition looks to provide you an understanding of the tools available for your campus and district as you seek to find ways to connect with your community through STEM implementation on your campus.

    This course is designed to showcased the opportunities available in Region 2 and how to connect with your STEM leads at the Education Service Center.  

    Capping off the course, you will identify where your campus falls in the implementation levels of STEM and what you look to do moving forward to implement STEM on your campus and in your district.

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