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  1. Dyslexia Foundations Online Training: Module 1 of the Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy

    All Texas educators who teach students with dyslexia must include new research and practices in educating students with dyslexia as part of their continuing education for educator certificate renewal!  

    Dyslexia Foundations is the first of five modules developed to assist school districts and charter schools in the identification of students with dyslexia.  

    Module 1 is a stand-alone workshop for any educator wanting to know more about dyslexia, but is also a pre-requisite for any educator that will be completing the 5-Module Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy.

    Workshop objectives:

    • define dyslexia and related disorders
    • explore the characteristics and common risk factors of dyslexia at varying age and grade levels
    • explore elements of reading, and review associated academic difficulties and conditions that co-exist with dyslexia.

    THIS WORKSHOP IS COMPLETELY ONLINE.  The course is available through Moodle, so all you need is a web browser to access.  You may access it at your convenience and log in and out as many times as necessary.  The training is divided into fourteen 5-10 minute videos with embedded activities.  There is also a final assessment.  

    An attempt is required on each of the 6 activities and a minimum grade of 70% is needed on the final assessment to receive your certificate.  Two attempts are allowed on the final assessment.  For accountability purposes, you will have up to 60 days from the date of registration to complete the course.  This course will take about 3 hours to complete.

  2. G/T ONLINE -- Administrator/Counselor training
    Texas requires all administrators and counselors to have 6 hours of training in the nature and needs of gifted students. This workshop fulfills that requirement. (19 TAC 89.2(4))

    Provide current information and updates.

  4. Webinar-Evaluation Foundations Series

    These webinars are designed to provide evaluation staff with engaging, relevant and informative topics in a audio-visual presentation that can be viewed with a "go to meeting link" at their desk. Webinar link and handouts are sent to participants before programs begin.  All webinars are scheduled from 10:00-12:00.


  5. Webinar 6 - Cognitive Underpinnings of Speech Sound Disorders: Implications for Reading Ability
    This webinar will review cognitive factors, such as nonverbal intelligence and working memory, as they related to children with speech sound disorders. These cognitive factors influence how this population of children acquire appropriate literacy skills. As such, we will also review a theoretical framework, The Simple View of Reading, that helps us understand how reading happens - and what our best options are when reading is impaired.

  6. Webinar 7 - Addressing Swallowing & Feeding in the Schools: Problems & Solutions
    This session will offer information on the legal and ethical basis for addressing swallowing and feeding in the school setting. It will address the problems, including educational relevance, professional competency, and establishing a system-supported procedure. This session will provide attendees with information on a procedure and forms they can adapt to use in their district

  7. Webinar 8 - Swallowing & Feeding Therapy: Start with Safety, Work Toward Independence

    This session will discuss implementing the safe swallowing and feeding plan to establish and maintain safe eating at school. The following 5 levels of management of swallowing and feeding in the schools will be presented:

    1. collaborative consultation

    2. direct therapeutic intervention

    3. intervention with a student with a progressive disorder and/or student who is medically fragile

    4. student transitioning to or from tube feeding

    5. student with behavioral and/or sensorimotor feeding disorders

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