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  1. The Monthly Monitor: Updates for State & Federal Programs

    The Monthly Monitor provides current information for program staff responsible for oversight of federal and state requirements. Webinar-based meetings include relevant and timely information on topics related to program and fiscal compliance and other related items. Meetings also provide opportunities for participants to network with other state and federal program staff within the region.

  2. DCSI Networking Meeting

    District Coordinators of School Improvement are invited to join the ESC 2 School Support Team for online meetings to learn about TEA School Improvement and Accountability updates, TIP implementation and monitoring guidance, and provide opportunities for DCSIs to share their work.

    ESC 2 provides instructional leaders networking time to engage in a PLC format in order to better serve regional campuses and districts.

  3. The New Discovery Education Experience Offers What?
    Quick explenation of what Discovery Edcuation offers.

  4. Tech Directors - COVID-19 Zoom Meetings
    Zoom meetings with Tech Directors to discuss issues, challenges, strategies, and successes related to remote instruction.

  5. Coffee and Conversations
    Teachers can join in on this zoom meeting to share concerns, asks questions, or talk math specific content! .

  6. 20-21 Welcome Back Series for Vision Professionals

    This three day series focuses on increasing knowledge in the areas of assessing and programming for students with visual impairments.

    Day 1 - Participants will be provided Essential Tools of the Trade: A "How To" Guide for Completing Functional Vision, Learning Media and ECC Evaluations. Participants will use this tool during this training to enrich skills in writing FVE/LMAs and ECC assessments. 

    Day 2 - Participants will develop a framework for developing and writing PLAAFP statements that reflect their student's strengths and weakness for better development of IEP Goals and Objectives. 

    Day 3 - Participants will create a procedural framework that may be customized to each LEA focusing on procedures for evaluation, programming for students with visual impairments, materials preparation and other related services for students with visual impairments. 

  7. Action Coaching - Online Course

    Action Coaching is intended to provide campus and district leaders opportunities to develop proficiency in establishing and coaching toward effective instructional practices in every classroom. Toward that end, it blends the practices and principles in Paul Bambrick-Santoyo’s Get Better Faster: A 90-Day Plan for Coaching New Teachers with the T-TESS appraisal framework.

    It introduces a paradigm shift in the way we view teacher observation, and suggests that the primary purpose of observation and feedback is not to evaluate a teacher but to develop them. In Action Coaching, you grow educators by letting them See It, Name It, and Do It – see a model of success, name the bite-size steps that lead to growth, and practice actually doing those steps to sharpen skills.

  8. Web Check In and COVID-19 Updates for Counselors
    The Counseling Department is using this opportunity to check in with counselors and discuss deadlines, timelines and other compliance issues.

  9. Title III SSA Advisory Committee Quarterly Meetings

    Consultation zoom meeting with Title III SSA district contacts to review program requirements and procedures for both ESC and LEAs.

  10. HB3 Reading Academies: Blended Cohort Model

    HB 3 requires all kindergarten through third-grade teachers and principals to being the Texas Reading Academies training before the 2022-2023 school year.

    The academies are based on the Science of Teaching Reading, a term that describes educator application of evidence-based methods that best support development of skilled reading.

    The Texas Reading Academies Blended Cohort Model is a 11-month online training program for teachers, principals and other instructional staff. 

    The ESC-2 serves as an authorized provider and will facilitate each blended cohort model, provide registration support and grade artifacts.

  11. Meeting the Needs of Special Populations in CTE Programs
    As high school populations become more heterogeneous, situations arise that make it challenging to teach all students according to the same high standards. This webinar provides CTE educators with a variety of best practices and instructional strategies for engaging and educating a wide range of students, including students classified as at-risk, students with a disability, LEP and other disadvantaged or nontraditional students.

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