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  1. Meeting the Needs of Special Populations in CTE Programs
    As high school populations become more heterogeneous, situations arise that make it challenging to teach all students according to the same high standards. This webinar provides CTE educators with a variety of best practices and instructional strategies for engaging and educating a wide range of students, including students classified as at-risk, students with a disability, LEP and other disadvantaged or nontraditional students.

  2. Operating Procedures Technical Assistance: A Team Effort
    Join us for a facilitation on designing and writing your District's Operating Procedures using Legal Frameworks Templates.  We recognize that you may not have a team to complete this process and would like to assign you a team with similar needs to complete this daunting task. Or maybe you and your team need some uninterrupted time to knock out this requirement.  You will have the opportunity to receive guidance from the region's Legal Framework representative and your region's TEA liaison.  This team can guide you within the requirements of Legal Framework and the expectations of the Differentiated Monitoring System as it aligns with cyclical review pathway.  It helps to have a helping hand, a familiar face and a secure area to discuss your districts processes openly and freely.  

  3. ESSA Compliance Requirements and Federal Programs Director Meeting (Title I, Parts A & C, Title III, & CTE)
    ESSA coordinated program information (Title I, Parts A & C, & Title III) held biannually in the fall & spring. Updated information and networking time will be provided to allow Federal Program Directors an opportunity to gain knowledge and share best practices related to ESSA programming.

  4. State & Federal Programs ESC Basic Services (Onsite Support)

    Provide onsite training and/or services to regional LEAs to ensure special programs operate in accordance with state and federal guidelines. School support services include: (1) assistance in interpreting state and federal formula and discretionary grant mandates including federal ESSA and Perkins programs and state statutory requirements; (2) provide professional development to LEA staff regarding state and federal program and fiscal requirements, (3) assistance with grant applications for districts and charter schools, (4) review district and campus documentation to ensure compliance with state and federal mandates, and (5) deliver continuous school improvement process training to support Performance-Based Monitoring interventions.


  5. IEP Compliance for DMS: A Sequential Approach From the PLAAFP to the State Assessment

    This academic school year, IEP content and IEP development are 2 of the 7 prioritized areas being reviewed for compliance by TEA under the Differentiated Monitoring System, (DMS) and ASCEND, the Self-Assessment submission platform.  Of the 27 compliance areas only 7 will be prioritized this year.  Participation in this virtual workshop will assist with meeting compliance in these 2 prioritized areas.  


  6. Carl D. Perkins SSA Advisory Committee Quarterly Meetings

    Consultation zoom meeting with Carl D. Perkins SSA district contacts to review program requirements and procedures for both ESC and LEAs.

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