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  1. State & Federal Programs Cooperative
    The State and Federal Programs Support Cooperative provides guidance and support to State and Federal Programs Managers to ensure schools operate in accordance with program guidelines.  Cooperative members have access to a wide array of direct services, technical assistance and professional development to help them develop, monitor, and evaluate program and fiscal compliance requirements.  Members also have opportunity to receive job-embedded assistance in completing applications, amendments, compliance reports, and other documentation associated with state and federal funding.

  2. The Monthly Monitor: Updates for State & Federal Programs

    The Monthly Monitor provides current information for program staff responsible for oversight of federal and state requirements. Webinar-based meetings include relevant and timely information on topics related to program and fiscal compliance and other related items. Meetings also provide opportunities for participants to network with other state and federal program staff within the region.

  3. Amplify Your Classroom With Jamboards

    Amplify your whiteboard or multiply your virtual learning space with Jamboard.  Discover how to use this free tool to increase student engagement, while providing a digital space for peer to peer collaboration for tutorials and individualized instruction.   Applicable to teachers grades 3-12.

  4. Creating a Guide for Developing a STEM Camp

    Do your students need an exciting, hands-on, interactive and creative summer/intersession opportunity? Build a STEM camp on your campus! This workshop will provide a guide to build a customized STEM camp for your campus or district. Participants will be provided with templates and resources to support the integration of a STEM camp into your school plans allowing for student learning and access to content and materials that will build both 21st century and soft skills training. The information presented during this training can be implemented during the summer, at intersession or holiday break.

    Applicable to teachers grades 6-10.

  5. 3D Printing Master Level Techniques

    3D printing can be used to stimulate higher order thinking by taking the initial application or idea and applying it to other arenas to make something new. Participants will identify practices that utilize heat and chemical manipulations to create a more solid product. We will also explore finishing techniques that can give your products a more professional look. Participants will look at ways to strengthen material, enhance the exterior, and uses/restoration of old filament. 

    Applicable to teachers grades 6-12.

  6. Get Ready to Breakout: Gamify Your Classroom with Escape Rooms

    Would you like to challenge your students to explore the content through teamwork and decision-making?  If so, then this training is for you.  Breakout rooms, also known as escape rooms, can help students review content or discover new concepts.  Participants will be able to create virtual or in-person breakout rooms to deliver their lessons in a more collaborative, challenge-oriented approach.  

    Applicable to teachers grades K-12.

  7. Create a Class Culture of Makers, Inventors, and Creators with Makerspaces

    Are you interested in cultivating higher order thinking through hands on activities in the classroom?  Makerspaces is a solution.  Let us help you get started.  We will kickstart your makerspace with circuitry, art design, video production, and suggestions for more projects and tools.  Additionally, we will discuss funding, storage, and most importantly, developing the maker mindset.

    Applicable to teachers grades 3-12.

  8. If You Print It, You Can Learn It: 3D Printing Basics for Beginners

    In this session, you will learn how to create CAD  (computer aided design) designed items and 3D print them. Participants will learn the basics of 3D printing and the applications that can be used in your classroom and on your campus. We will discuss the different CAD software options you can use to transform your ideas into 3D creations along with helpful ideas about what you can be printing right now! Applicable to teachers grades 3-12.

  9. Turn Those Day Dreamers Into Competitive STREAM-ERS with a STEM Field Day

    Plan, prepare, and construct a STEM field day that will create an environment of enrichment and competition that will build on the content and skills used in the classroom. Your classroom content will serve as the touchstone for engaging events and activities for your students. In this session, you will develop the outline for organizing personnel, creating the competition events, and identifying your competition brackets or advancement criteria. We will also look at evaluating your schedule for the day as you prep your school space for feeding your students, judging their work, and assembling for the culminating celebration. Applicable to teachers grades 3-12.

  10. Seeing is Believing- Ways to Impact Your Classroom with AR (Augmented Reality)/VR( Virtual Reality)
    Learn the basics of implementing AR/VR into your classroom and teach students it’s practical applications. We will look at current and future uses of these technologies that will shape our lives moving forward. Participants will get an opportunity to create their own AR/VR experience based on a lesson for their classroom.

    Applicable to teachers grades 3-12.

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