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  1. Oh The Digital Places We Can Go- Digital Field Trips, Geocaching, and Digiwalks (Asynchronous Course)
    Learn how to travel with your class anywhere you want to go.  Transcend time and space and bring students to destinations and time periods previously inaccessible to them.  Create your own digital experience to enhance your teaching and provide, not only a new experience, but develop new skills sets for your students with digital field trips. 

    Applicable to teachers grades K-12.
    Note: Participants will have 3 weeks to complete the course asynchronously.

  2. Creating a Guide for Developing a STEM Camp (Asynchronous Course)

    Do your students need an exciting, hands-on, interactive and creative summer/intersession opportunity? Build a STEM camp on your campus! This workshop will provide a guide to build a customized STEM camp for your campus or district. Participants will be provided with templates and resources to support the integration of a STEM camp into your school plans allowing for student learning and access to content and materials that will build both 21st century and soft skills training. The information presented during this training can be implemented during the summer, at intersession or holiday break.

    Applicable to teachers grades 6-10.

    Note: Participants will have 3 weeks to complete the course asynchronously.

  3. The Monthly Monitor: Updates for State & Federal Programs

    The Monthly Monitor provides current information for program staff responsible for oversight of federal and state requirements. Webinar-based meetings include relevant and timely information on topics related to program and fiscal compliance and other related items. Meetings also provide opportunities for participants to network with other state and federal program staff within the region.

  4. State & Federal Programs Cooperative
    The State and Federal Programs Support Cooperative provides guidance and support to State and Federal Programs Managers to ensure schools operate in accordance with program guidelines.  Cooperative members have access to a wide array of direct services, technical assistance and professional development to help them develop, monitor, and evaluate program and fiscal compliance requirements.  Members also have opportunity to receive job-embedded assistance in completing applications, amendments, compliance reports, and other documentation associated with state and federal funding.

  5. Carl D. Perkins SSA Advisory Committee Quarterly Meetings

    Consultation zoom meeting with Carl D. Perkins SSA district contacts to review program requirements and procedures for both ESC and LEAs.

  6. Develop your own plan to implement an Engineering Olympics or STEM Field Day (Asynchronous Course)

    Plan, prepare, and construct an Engineering Olympics or STEM field day that will create an environment of enrichment and competition building on content and skills learned in the classroom. Your classroom content will serve as the touchstone for engaging events and activities for your students. In this session, you will develop the outline for organizing personnel, creating the competition events, and identifying your competition brackets or advancement criteria. We will also look at evaluating your schedule for the day as you prep your school space for feeding your students, judging their work, and assembling for the culminating celebration. Applicable to teachers grades 3-12.

    Note: This is an Asynchronous course. You will have three weeks to complete the course once enrolled.

  7. ESSA Compliance Requirements and Federal Programs Director Meeting (Title I, Parts A & C, Title III, & CTE)
    ESSA coordinated program information (Title I, Parts A & C, & Title III) held biannually in the fall & spring. Updated information and networking time will be provided to allow Federal Program Directors an opportunity to gain knowledge and share best practices related to ESSA programming.

  8. State & Federal Programs Work Session
    State & Federal Programs Department work session to provide technical assistance to districts for program and fiscal compliance. 

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