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  1. Using STEM to Engage Your GT Students- G/T 6 Hour Update (Online Self-Paced Course)

    Promote critical thinking and differentiated instruction to support a strong classroom culture celebrating discovery and creativity.  Guide your students through experiences tailored to their interests in digital field trips and support their development of skills through makerspaces.  Showcase their talents and build a platform for student presentation and publication while utilizing the latest apps to enhance your instruction to deliver content and connect with your student audience.  Units covered in this course: Unit 1- Virtual field trips-Geocaching, Virtual Tours, Digiwalks, Unit 2- Makerspaces- online and in-person, Unit 3- Building a Culture of Creation, and Unit 4- Time is Tiktoking- Apps to get your teaching to go viral.

  2. Gifted and Talented 6-hour Update ASYNCHRONOUS Google Course
    This gifted and talented 6-hour update is a self-paced course offered through Google Classroom. Participants will go through the materials on their own time. The course includes videos that cover the content and digital activities that require participants to engage with the content. In order to get full credit for the annual 6-hour update required by the state of Texas according to the Texas State Plan for Gifted Education, all assignments need to be completed fully by the due date. 

  3. Gifted and Talented 6-hour Update: Creativity and Innovation for the Gifted Learner

    In this workshop, teachers will explore the importance of both critical thinking and creative thinking for all learners. Participants will analyze how to tailor strategies and activities for their content area to nurture creative thinking.

    **This workshop counts towards the required gifted and talented 60hour annual update as required by the Texas State Plan for Gifted Education.

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