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  1. Curriculum Directors Meeting
    Directors from Region 2 will meet regularly throughout the school year to share legislative updates, professional development opportunities, and network with one another.

    This is a closed meeting designed for Region 2 Curriculum Directors only.

  2. Math Academies
    The Math Academies are designed to implement research-based mathematics achievement academies for Kindergarten through grade 3. The Kindergarten through grade 3 mathematics achievement academies will enhance teachers’ knowledge and skills so they can effectively teach students in primary elementary grades to achieve mathematical proficiency. The academies will deepen teachers understanding of research-based effective and systematic instructional practices in mathematics that they can use to help students develop problem-solving skills and a strong foundation of number sense and fluency.

    To register for this workshop,
    please contact your Campus Principal / Curriculum Director / Superintendent.

  3. TCMPC - TEKS Resource System 101 (2018-2019)
    This professional development outlines the curriculum and assessment components of the TEKS Resource System. The workshop highlights tools such as the Year at a Glance (YAG), Vertical Alignment Document (VAD), Vertical Viewer, TEKS Clarification Document (TCD), Instructional Focus Document (IFD), TEKS Verification Document (TVD), Performance Assessment (PA) and Assessment Item Bank in all core content areas.

    The Administrator session is a half day training that will provide an overview of the teacher tools and the administrator tools.

    The content sessions are a full day.  Specialists will review the tools available for each area.  Teachers will be shown how to plan from the IFD and use the various tools to support their efforts.  Participants will be given the opportunity to plan for their upcoming school year.

    Training open to participating 2017-2018 Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative (TCMPC) districts.

    Agua Dulce ISD
    Alice ISD
    Aransas County ISD
    Aransas Pass ISD
    Banquete ISD
    Beeville ISD
    Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD
    Benavides ISD
    Bishop CISD
    Brooks County ISD
    Calallen ISD
    Dr M L Garza-Gonzalez Charter School
    Driscoll ISD
    Freer ISD
    George West ISD
    Gregory-Portland ISD
    Ingleside ISD
    Kenedy County Wide CSD
    Mathis ISD
    McMullen County ISD
    Odem-Edroy ISD
    Orange Grove ISD
    Pawnee ISD
    Pettus ISD
    Port Aransas ISD
    Premont ISD
    Ricardo ISD
    Riviera ISD
    Robstown ISD
    San Diego ISD
    Santa Gertrudis ISD
    Sinton ISD
    Skidmore-Tynan ISD
    Taft ISD
    Three Rivers ISD
    Tuloso-Midway ISD
    West Oso ISD

  4. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division…Let’s Build Comprehension

    I can do it, but I can't explain it...this workshop focuses on computation strategies teachers could use to help bring a real understanding of number relationships and the meaning behind the math for their students. These strategies can be viewed as the bridge students needs to develop conceptual and procedural understandings that help lead to fluency and number sense. Participants will engage in multiple computation strategies for solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems and practice applying these strategies to STAAR released items! This workshop models Number Talks. Teachers will share their thinking about how they solved a problem and have the opportunity to learn from each other! 

    The computational strategies presented during this workshop can be used for scaffolding instruction for a student in an upper grade level who continues to struggle with the traditional algorithms.

  5. Math Academy in Action...Kinder and 1st Grade
    “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” This session is designed to provide continued support in the effective use of math tools to teach concepts presented during the Kindergarten and 1st grade TEA Mathematics Academies. Teachers will engage in hands-on activities using a variety of manipulatives/tools used during the academies. Each teacher will leave the workshop with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to provide effective instruction for their Kindergarten and 1st grade students. Teachers will walk away with class sets of beaded number lines, dry-erase & magnetic double ten frames, and rekenreks to provide engaging instruction, over a $250 value!

  6. Differentiate & Motivate with Math Stations

    When do I meet with small groups to provide interventions? What do I do with the rest of the class while I meet with small groups? Math stations give the teacher the opportunity to work with small groups while other students work on activities that give them multiple ways to review, practice, and/or learn concepts based on their diverse abilities. Implementing stations in your own classroom takes work. It takes time, persistence, consistency, and planning of purposeful station activities all students can productively engage in without you.

    This workshop outlines and details why math stations are necessary, how to organize and manage math stations, how to create purposeful and engaging station activities that empower students' knowledge, and how to get started! Participants will also have the opportunity to review sample station activities that could be used in the classroom.

  7. Introduction to TI-Nspire Technology
    Come learn the TI-Nspire basics! Learn how TI-Nspire technology facilitates reasoning, sense-making and understanding in an interactive mathematics classroom. Ready to use activities and strategies will be shared as participants navigate the apps an associated menus of this powerful tool.

  8. Building Math Vocabulary for English Language Learners

    Research shows that vocabulary knowledge is the single best predictor of ELLs academic achievement. This training delves into Marzano’s Six-Steps Process in building academic vocabulary. Participants will engage in strategies and techniques that support English Language Learners in learning math vocabulary. These strategies will provide mathematics teachers with effective practices for incorporating the TEKS and the ELPS in daily instruction to increase the likelihood of ELLs success in the mathematics classroom.

  9. Literature Based Activities to Teach Reading and Math in Early Childhood

    How can you take one book and teach several reading and math activities? This workshop will not only review the research behind using literature based activities to teach reading and math to early childhood students, it will also provide participants with a set of materials to take back with them! Join us for this fun make and take to get you started with materials to teach literature and math, plus ideas to make more. 

  10. Harnessing the Power of Modeling Tasks through the Lens of a Math Progression
    Why do we choose one task over another? There are many factors that teachers must take into account before, during, and after a task is taught but what drives our decision-making? In this session, we’ll examine how the purposeful use and sequence of modeling tasks can build our understanding of what students know and keep their thinking along the progression of understanding.

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