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  1. Curriculum Directors Meeting
    Directors from Region 2 will meet regularly throughout the school year to share legislative updates, professional development opportunities, and network with one another.

    This is a closed meeting designed for Region 2 Curriculum Directors only.

  2. STAAR Power: Science
    Participants will delve into understanding the student expectations in the STAAR assessed curriculum. Additional information from TEA will be incorporated into developing instructional supporting materials and strategies for achieving academic readiness.

  3. Science TEKS Streamlining

    Help prepare teachers for the implementation of the Science Streamlined TEKS, beginning 2018-2019 school year.  Participants will analyze and interpret the recently streamlined science standards and determine instructional impacts on unit/lesson planning.

  4. Think Like a Scientist 2.0
    Are you interested in improving overall science instruction for your students?  During this professional development, participants work to develop their understanding of the central role of the process skills of science in learning scientific concepts and the benefits of inquiry-based teaching.  Throughout the workshop, participants will focus on process skills and how they are embedded in dual coded questions on the 5th and 8th grade STAAR Science tests.  Let's bring dual coded questions to life via vertically-aligned lab activities and stations.

  5. Why Not Teach Science Daily? K-2

    Science can be taught every day, but you may feel like there isn’t enough time.  We can create time with integration and cross-curricular connections!  Participants will learn easy and fun ways to integrate science into reading, writing, math, and beyond.  Early elementary teachers have the amazing opportunity to get children excited about science from the beginning of their educational experience!  Teach science every day?  Why not?


  6. TexQuest Overview
    This informative and interactive workshop will provide opportunities to explore the statewide database program for K-12 public schools and charter schools.

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