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  1. Curriculum Directors Meeting
    Directors from Region 2 will meet regularly throughout the school year to share legislative updates, professional development opportunities, and network with one another.

    This is a closed meeting designed for Region 2 Curriculum Directors only.

  2. Standards in the Spotlight: Understanding Depth & Complexity of Science TEKS
    Participants will analyze science TEKS to understand the depth and complexity necessary for creating meaningful learning experiences.  

  3. Misconception Mania: Addressing Misconceptions in the Science Classroom
    Discover how to detect, confront, and replace misconceptions.

  4. Evidence-Based Reasoning in the Science Classroom
    Participants will engage in meaningful analysis of the claim, evidence, reasoning framework to drive student inquiry; which is designed to support students' analytical thinking and writing skills.

  5. Tips & Tricks of Digital Interactive Notebooks
    Interactive notebooks are a central space where students can capture their learning. In this session, participants will learn tips and tricks on how to incorporate digital notebooks in the science classroom. Activities and shared resources will focus on science TEKS.

  6. Countdown to STAAR: Using Supplemental Aids to Support Students in Math and Science
    Allowable memory retrieval supports, such as graphic organizers and mnemonic devices, can make all the difference on Math and Science STAAR for eligible students. Participants will be able to create supplemental synergy in the classroom with this practical and collaborative session that helps answer the following questions about supplemental aids: Who’s eligible? What’s allowable? Where can you use them in a lesson? Structured practice and peer feedback will build capacity and help to achieve a cohesive plan for the use of supplemental aids. With a focus on math and science content standards, teachers will walk away with TEKS-aligned examples of how students should be utilizing these supports during active learning.

  7. STAAR Power Science Stations
    Participants will delve into understanding the student expectations in the STAAR assessed curriculum. Additional information from TEA will be incorporated into developing instructional supporting materials and strategies for achieving academic readiness.

  8. STEM with Storybooks: Cultivating Creativity and Innovation for Young Learners

    Science is an often neglected content area in elementary classrooms.  What better way to teach science than through the use of high quality and engaging texts? Make your classroom a place where creativity and innovation thrive. Engage students in all types of learning that produces and showcases work in multiple learning styles. Come to learn, explore, brainstorm, and make a plan to immediately open the doors of your classroom to ideas and practices that foster a climate that values and nurtures innovative thinking. It’s time to take the leap!

  9. Developing Science Vocabulary for ELs and ALLs
    Learning science requires critical thinking and the use of academic vocabulary and specialized content terms unique to the content.  Struggling elementary students, particularly English Learners,  require comprehensible input, linguistic accommodations, and multiple opportunities for practice in order to internalize concepts and the academic language. In this workshop, participants will discover how to integrate best practices and language development strategies into the instructional cycle to provide equitable and accessible learning opportunities ELs and ALLs. 

  10. Oh The Digital Places We Can Go- Digital Field Trips, Geocaching, and Digiwalks
    Imagine your class traveling to see the Great Pyramids or touring the International Space Station without leaving the classroom!  Learn how to travel with your class anywhere you want to go as you transcend time and space.  Bring students to destinations and time periods previously inaccessible to them.  In this workshop, participants will create custom digital experiences to enhance lessons and develop new skills sets for teachers and students alike.  Tons of exciting places and connections are waiting!  

    Applicable to teachers grades k-12.

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