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  1. Curriculum Directors Meeting
    Directors from Region 2 will meet regularly throughout the school year to share legislative updates, professional development opportunities, and network with one another.

    This is a closed meeting designed for Region 2 Curriculum Directors only.

  2. eLesson Design

    This training session will focus on the "design" process for eLearning.

    We know what a instructional lesson should look like, but how can teachers take their original instructional lesson design and transform it into an "eLesson" for online instruction?

    This training will help prepare the teachers for transition to eLearning with some considerations:

    • timing and pace of learning online
    • discover ways to handle teacher instruction and recorded options to deliver instruction
    • strategies to focus on areas like content organization, implementation, communication, feedback, and digital assessments

  3. Student Techbook: Using Digital Interactive Notebooks in Secondary Science
    Interactive notebooks are a central space where students can capture their learning. In this session, participants will learn how to incorporate digital notebooks in the secondary science classroom. Activities and shared resources will focus on secondary grade level TEKS that may not have been taught due to COVID-19 school closures.

  4. Think About It!: Critical Thinking in the Science Classroom using C.E.R.
    In this workshop, participants will engage in meaningful analysis of the claim, evidence, reasoning framework to drive student inquiry; which is designed to support students' analytical thinking and writing skills. Participants will also evaluate best practices for incorporating CER in the classroom as they plan and develop activities to implement with students. Sample activities will focus on science TEKS that may not have been taught due to COVID-19 school closures.

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