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  1. Special Education Directors Meeting
    Meeting relating to special education topics for Region 2's special education directors.  Legislative updates, legal updates and professional development opportunities will be shared. 

    This is a closed meeting designed for Region 2 Special Education Directors only.

    If you would like to receive this videoconference remotely at your district, please have your District Technology Coordinator / Site Manager send an email request to at least 3 business days prior to the event.

  2. Curriculum Directors Meeting
    Directors from Region 2 will meet regularly throughout the school year to share legislative updates, professional development opportunities, and network with one another.

    This is a closed meeting designed for Region 2 Curriculum Directors only.

  3. VI/O&M Networking
    Participants will discuss state, regional and district concerns and needs for students with visual impairments, in addition to necessary training and events to support our regional schools in core content areas and expanded core curriculum areas.

  4. Webinar-Evaluation Foundations Series

    These webinars are designed to provide evaluation staff with engaging, relevant and informative topics in a audio-visual presentation that can be viewed with a "go to meeting link" at their desk. Webinar link and handouts are sent to participants before programs begin.  All webinars are scheduled from 10:00-12:00.


  5. CPI - New Autism Spectrum Disorders: Applications of NCI
    This training program incorporates a variety of autism-specific skills, such as positive behavior support, functional behavioral assessment, and support for individuals with self-injurious behavior.

  6. CPI - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention - Initial 2 Day Course
    Participants will review the four levels of a crisis, select the appropriate response to verbally de-escalate dangerous situations. They will practice personal safety techniques and a team restraint to be used as a last resort. In order to meet CPI certification requirements late arrivals and early departures are not allowed.

  7. Treasuring Our Paraprofessionals (TOPS)

    This three-day training will prepare paraprofessionals to assist in instruction of reading, writing and mathematics.  Additional topics include classroom management and diversity awareness.  Attendance of all three days and the passing grade of 70% or higher on a cumulative assessment are required for a certificate of completion.

    Payment in full is required one week before the start of class. For questions concerning payment, please email ‘’.

  8. Twice-Exceptional: GT, IEP, 504 and Tell Me More
    Participants will examine the meaning of twice-exceptional, as well as review the characteristics associated with twice-exceptional learners. The assessment and identification process will be investigated, as well as a variety of effective intervention strategies and accommodations designed for the specific needs of this learner.

  9. Overview of the Child Outcome Summary Form (COSF) and SPP7
    State Performance Plan Indicator 7 collects information from school districts and charter schools across the state on the progress of children with disabilities ages 3 to 5 years old. This training will review the mandated Childhood Outcomes Summary Form (COSF) and general information to submit information on TEA's online application.

  10. Leaving a Clear Trail
    This is a training to provide school personnel and other interested stakeholders with an understanding of the relationship among educational records that provide documentation of a student's individual accomplishments, achievements, and courses taken while in high school. 

  11. Regional Assessment Handbook

    Regional Assessment Handbook Team will compile best practices to help LEAs meet 34 C.F.R 300.304,  evaluation procedures. 

  12. Evaluation Advisory Team Meeting
    Participants will discuss state, regional and district evaluation concerns and needs, in addition to necessary training to support our regional schools.

  13. TETN - Federal & State Ed. Policy Update

    The purpose of this TETN is to conduct meetings with ESC Special Education contacts and staff regarding agency updates, special education issues, and networking.

  14. Building Teacher Leaders: John Wink Series
    This three part series is designed to develop teacher leaders and instructional coaches by providing tools to empower leadership teams, build instructional delivery models for specific learning purposes, and grow teachers through differentiated leadership strategies.

  15. A Team Approach to Inclusion in the Secondary Math Classroom
    In this workshop, math teachers, special education teachers, and paraprofessionals take time to review the basic principles of inclusion. After a briefing and review of "do's and don'ts" for inclusion, participants explore and practice content strategies that addressALL students' needs.

  16. 26th Annual Texas Autism Conference
    The goal of the 26th Annual Texas Autism Conference is to provide parents, educators, and campus leadership with strategies, resources, tools, and evidence-based practices in the education and service of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The conference will include a general keynote address, breakout sessions, and a parent panel discussion.  The event also provides networking opportunities for conference participants to exchange successes, challenges and ideas on how to increase student performance and success in life.

    Sponsored by the Texas Education Agency and coordinated by the Education Service Center, Region 2

    The conference will be held August 2-3, 2018 at San Marcos Convention Center, San Marcos, Texas.
    Map Link

    Make checks payable to:

    Education Service Center, Region 2
    Attention: Registrar
    209 North Water Street
    Corpus Christi, TX 78401

    For more information about this event please visit the following website:

    The conference is open to educators and other professionals who work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), parents of students with ASD.

    Cancellation and Payment Policy:

    Please visit the following website:

    Online registration ends Friday, 7/27/2018 @ 4:00p. On-site check-in available as per the schedule below.
    • Wed, 08/01/2018 -- 5:30p to 7:00p
    • Thu, 08/02/2018 -- 7:30a to 5:00p
    Click Here for Livestream registration details.

    Target Audience

    • Educators
    • Related Services
    • Administrators
    • Parents


  17. How to Facilitate an Effective Admission, Review, and Dismissal Meeting
    Preventing conflict & intervening early to solve differences is a goal of all professionals, especially in the context of special education. Facilitated Individual Education Program training provides information to effectively conduct Admission Review and Dismissal meetings.

  18. G/T 6-hour Training Day 1 of 5 (Nature and Needs)
    This is Day 1 of the 30 hours required for teachers of gifted students. Participants will learn about the cognitive, social and emotional characteristics of gifted students.

  19. G/T 6-hour Training Day 5 of 5 (Setting Standards)
    This is day 5 of the 30 hour required training of teachers of gifted students. Participants will learn about assessment used to measure student growth and the quality of a district's serves for gifted students.

  20. 2018 Texas Behavior Support State Conference

    The 2018 Texas Behavior Support (TBS) State Conference is offering the option for live-streaming of selected conference sessions to Education Service Centers (ESC).

    The conference theme is PBIS: Serving All Students, Support at All Tiers.

    This live streaming event will allow participants to access national presenters at ESC Region 2 hosted by ESC Region 4..

  21. Improving Student Performance in the Inclusive Setting

    The goal of this workshop is to provide educators with effective high yield strategies to increase student outcomes.

  22. Real Employment and Discovery for Young Adults (READY)

    The purpose of this event is for schools and businesses to come together as a community.

    Students with disabilities need work-based learning opportunities to explore career interests while acquiring and practicing essential skills in preparation for competitive employment.

    Businesses must gain an understanding of the benefits of an inclusive workforce.

    Let's combine our efforts to empower the workforce of the future and advance our integrated community.

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