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  1. Classroom Management & Challenging Behaviors
    This workshop will address behavior that is challenging in the young child and the well-being of other children in the classroom. It will address strategies to have an effective implementation for best practices for classroom management.

  2. TSDS PEIMS Chapter 37 Discipline and Leavers

    Participants will review the TSDS PEIMS discipline and leaver reporting requirements for the current school year. 
    Topics include a review of the discipline coding standards; discipline coding edit errors and audit flags.  Participants will also review TSDS PEIMS discipline reports related to PBMAS and Safe Schools Report.

    Topics include the differences between leavers, movers and dropouts; changes in leaver coding and reporting standards between last year and this year; critical timelines and documentation requirements and identification of tools and techniques for leaver data validation and verification through the TSDS PEIMS application.  Participants will gain an understanding of how TSDS PEIMS leaver data impacts accountability and performance measures.

  3. Enhanced- CPI Initial 2 Day - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training
    This is the same NCI program you've always known. Its just evolved into something more. Participants will be able to organize their thinking around risk behavior and guide their day to day decision making. Additional learning modules are included.

  4. CPI - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Foundation Course Refresher
    Much more than a content review, this 1-day refresher course opens up the opportunity to explore and improve key program concepts in greater detail, enhance participant skills and discuss successes and challenges staff members have experienced using skills from the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Program.

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