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  1. Enhanced- CPI Initial 2 Day - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training
    This is the same NCI program you've always known. Its just evolved into something more. Participants will be able to organize their thinking around risk behavior and guide their day to day decision making. 

  2. CPI - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Foundation Course Refresher
    Much more than a content review, this 1-day refresher course opens up the opportunity to explore and improve key program concepts in greater detail, enhance participant skills and discuss successes and challenges staff members have experienced using skills from the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Program.

  3. Preventative Classroom Management for Persistent and Disruptive Behaviors
    This workshop will emphasize on enhancing relationships with misbehaving students. Participants will be trained on identifying the function of student misbehavior, setting and teaching clear expectations for desired behavior, and keeping students engaged with meaningful explicit instruction. Attendees will leave with at least 11 strategies to use for persistent and disruptive behavior.

  4. Defusing Aggressive Behaviors: Safe Intervention Strategies
    There is no question that educators and teachers face serious challenges in dealing with student problem behavior. Moreover, these problems have multiple causes and imply multiple solutions. The purpose of this training is to spotlight safe and sensible approaches to managing student aggression.

  5. Classroom Management Survival Kit
    Participants will leave with at least 10 tips for dealing with challenging behaviors and a plan for getting the next six weeks off to a good start. The plan will include the importance of building relationships with students, teaching clear classroom procedures and expectations for student behavior, as well as strategies to replace inappropriate ones.

  6. Classroom Management-The Key Ingredients for Emotionally Healthy Climates

    Participants will discover how to create an emotionally healthy climate in their classroom.  Teachers must foster confidence, curiosity, self-control, and other social-emotional traits in their students.

  7. Classroom Management-Navigating Children's Play

    Description: Children's play provides opportunities for children to practice a variety of skills, but are you setting up the play situation so children get the most out of it? This workshop will explore how caregivers can use play as a teaching tool while minimizing the stresses that sometimes come with children's play. Topics will focus on transitioning in and out of play, rules of play, thought provoking enhancers that extend play, and problem solving in play. 

  8. FBA to BIP: A Process -- Not a Piece of Paper

    This session will provide training in the basics of functional behavior assessment.  In addition, participants will learn how to use information gathered from the functional assessment to help create a BIP with meaningful behavioral interventions. 

  9. House Bill 1952 Training for Administrators
    H.B. 1952 requires a school principal, or other appropriate administrator who oversees student discipline, to attend trainings in effective methods of school discipline every three years. This training session will include distinctions between the types of sanctions a principal can impose versus the types of sanctions permissible by a teacher. We will also learn about some effective methods of school discipline.

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