1. Career and Technical Education (CTE) Conference
    Join other district and campus leaders at this one-day Career and Technical Education (CTE) conference to experience a premier professional learning experience in all areas of managing a CTE Program.  This conference is designed to support administrators, counselors, and campus leaders by increasing the understanding of CTE policies and procedures, providing strategies on implementing effective CTE programs, as well as identifying resources to strengthen career and postsecondary opportunities.

  2. School Counselors' Symposium

    Elementary through high school counselors are invited to gather with us as we provide a day of professional learning.   Additionally, participants will be provided the opportunity to participate in discussions related to best practices, cutting edge research-based programs, and the latest updates from the Texas Education Agency regarding counselor roles and responsibilities.

    Topics to include, but are not limited to:

    1. Social & Emotional Wellness
    2. College & Career Readiness
    3. Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention
    4. Safe School Services and Student Support

    In addition to engaging in professional learning, participants will have the opportunity to network with colleagues across the region and state.  Invite your principal, social worker, school psychologist, and fellow teachers to attend with you! 


  3. Region 4 Bilingual ESL Conference
    Educators will expand their knowledge with evidence-based information designed for working with English Learners (ELs). Presentations will be framed around culturally relevant topics that impact the affective, linguistic, and cognitive domains of ELs. Session topics will address dual language, transitioning from L1 to L2, sheltered instruction, assessment, and technology.

  4. Region 4 Bilingual/ESL Conference
    Educators will expand their knowledge with evidence-based information designed for working with culturally and linguistically diverse learners in the 21st Century. Presentations will be framed around culturally relevant topics that impact the affective, linguistic, and cognitive domains of English Learners. Session topics will address methods and techniques in Dual-Language and English as a Second Language classrooms, transitioning from L1 to L2, sheltered instruction in the content area, assessment, advocacy, social-emotional insights, family and community-building strategies as well as technology. This conference celebrates, respects, and values students' unique strengths and drives an asset-based model for teaching and learning in an ever-changing global economy.

  5. Access to the General Curriculum (AGC) Institute

    Join education professionals at this Institute as we explore evidenced-based practices for creating effective learning environments for all learners. AGC Institute strands will include Solutions 4 accessing academic content, navigating federal and state accountability systems, achieving rigorous state assessment standards, creating 21st century digital learning environments, increasing student engagement, supporting post-secondary transition, and implementing effective inclusive practices. Participants will leave the AGC Institute with practical strategies to promote access to and progress in the general curriculum. The AGC Institute will include general sessions from national speakers, the opportunity to attend concurrent break-out sessions, and our digital café where you can explore digital tools for the classroom.

    For more information, visit our website at http://www.esc4.net/agci.

    Session and materials costs are partially funded through state or federal grants.  

  6. DLC: Connect • Empower • Transform

    DLC Logo

    Transform education in innovative ways! Connect the classroom and the global world. Empower students to discover their own personal path to learning. Transform education using innovative instructional practices. The Digital Learning Conference features sessions by invited speakers, district educators, and Region 4 specialists to help you ConnectEmpowerTransform. For more information please call 713.744.6819, or email Richard.Armand@esc4.net.

  7. Houston Metropolitan Educational Diagnostician Association Conference
    Houston Metropolitan Educational Diagnosticians Association (Hou-Met), a local chapter of the Texas Educational Diagnosticians Association (TEDA), promotes professionalism, excellence, and continuing growth for diagnosticians to provide individuals with disabilities quality educational services in the Houston-Metropolitan area. The purpose of this conference is to provide the latest information on evaluation for eligibility and facilitate networking opportunities for school personnel involved in the evaluation of children with disabilities. Attend this annual conference to learn more about current special education evaluation issues.

  8. Instructional Coaching Conference: Building Your Coaching Playbook
    Every educator needs a coach, but not everyone needs to be coached the same. Expand your instructional coaching repertoire and learn how to best help teachers build their instructional capacity. Session topics address differentiating the roles of a coach, improving your coaching cycle, acquiring new coaching methods, exploring remote coaching, refreshing PLCs, planning for student success, building relationships with teachers and administrators, and many more. Participants will also have the choice of participating in networking opportunities, such as a panel discussion and open space sessions. Join us for this exciting new professional learning experience at Region 4!

  9. Region 4 ESC Annual Reading and Writing Conference
    The Annual Reading and Writing Conference will offer sessions on various topics including the reading and writing connection, genre integration, critical thinking skills, technology incorporation, differentiation, reaching struggling learners, and many other areas. Presentations will be given by invited speakers, district staff, and Region 4 specialists.

  10. Region 4 Mathematics Conference: Cornerstones for Success (Grades K-5)
    Join other mathematics educators for this one-day conference focused on creating meaningful mathematics experiences and effective learning possibilities for every math student. Attend up to six mini-sessions that provide tools such as classroom-ready activities that bridge concrete, pictorial, and abstract representations of key mathematics concepts, strategies that include all learners, and technology-based activities.

  11. Region 4 Science Conference
    Join other science educators for a one-day science conference to explore K-12 instructional strategies, assessment, and technology applications in science. Participate in research-based student learning strategies that integrate inquiry investigation with hands-on activities, collaborative and cooperative methods, and the 5E instructional model.

  12. Signing Exact English (SEE) Skillshop
    This week-long workshop for adult learners is designed to meet the needs of beginning as well as advanced users of Signing Exact English.  Participants will improve their expressive and receptive signing skills, sign vocabulary, visual features of sign language, and song and storytelling techniques.  All skill levels will be addressed through intensive work in level-matched small groups.  Recent research findings on the effectiveness of Signing Exact English will also be presented. Session materials and costs are partially funded through state or federal grants.

  13. Summer Institute- Section 504/ADA
    Attend this one day session to hear from leading national experts about how Section 504/ADA have been interpreted by the courts through recent case law. Learn about similarities and differences among these federal laws and effective ways to identify and serve students under Section 504/ADA.  Session and materials costs are partially funded through state or federal grants.

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