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To ensure the safety of children under the age of 18, minors are not allowed in professional development sessions or to be left unattended on the premises. Region 4 Education Service Center does not provide child care accommodations. Participants who bring children will be asked to leave.

Upcoming Sessions
Monday 4/23/2018
Bus Driver Training - Recertification
Alief ISD, Transportation Dept
Tuesday 4/24/2018
Accommodate Special Populations with Digital Resources
Region 4 ESC, MCC 100DE
Solving the Puzzle: Master Scheduling for Success!
Region 4 ESC, MCC 203
Transferring Spanish Literacy Skills and Knowledge into English
Region 4 ESC, MCC 204
Math Make and Take: STAAR® Review 2018, Grade 4
Region 4 ESC, MCC 113AB Sci Lab
ESSA Parent and Family Engagement: Written Policies to Meaningful Activities
Region 4 ESC, MCC 202
Student Learning Objectives: Student Growth Measure for T-TESS
Region 4 ESC, MCC 102
Classroom Management that Works for Beginners
Region 4 ESC, MCC 100B
End-of-Year Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC): Annually Required Training
Region 4 ESC, MCC 207
Indicator 13 and Indicator 14 Bootcamp
Region 4 ESC, MCC 205
Wednesday 4/25/2018
Math Make and Take: STAAR® Review 2018, Grade 6
Region 4 ESC, MCC 113AB Sci Lab
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