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Understanding the Crisis Intervention Cycle: Using Best Practices to Support Students During Each Phase of Escalation

Moments of crisis can happen anywhere and at any time. Sometimes, this behavior is surprising, and one may find themselves responding in an unproductive way. In these instances, the “emotional brain” has just hijacked the “thinking brain.” Emotional reactions are normal, and they are the brain’s way of protecting you from perceived threats. Fear and anxiety play a large role in a person’s escalating behaviors. It’s important to consider the reasons why a person’s behavior may escalate.

During this session, participants will learn and practice using effective approaches to keep your “emotional brain” from taking over in stressful situations and how to maintain your own consistent, calm behavior.  Participants will identify a broad range of tools to help manage emotional responses and identify escalating behaviors in others.

Learning Objectives Include:

-Identify behavior using the Crisis Development Model and apply staff approaches most effective in responding at each behavior level to prevent further escalation.

-Explore underlying causes of behavior, recognize the need to maintain consistent, calm behavior in a time of crisis, and understand how the behavior of one person impacts the behavior of others.

-Practice communication strategies and observe how different approaches positively and/or negatively impact an individual’s behavior.

-Identify defensive behaviors in crisis situations and how to respond to those behaviors using the Verbal Escalation Continuum.

-Learn how to respond effectively when an individual is in risk behavior. Build the confidence of staff in their ability to keep themselves and others safe.

-Learn how to restore relationships and re-establish Therapeutic Rapport after a crisis.

Important Session Information:

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Dimension 3.2: Managing Student Behavior; Domain 3 – Positive School Culture

Registration ends at 12:00 AM on Monday, April 1, 2024
Session ID:
Credits Available:
(6) Clock Hours
(6) CPE
Contact Person:
Maritza Sosa
Registration Fee:
Jessica Wright, Ed.D., Region 4 ESC, Lakeisha Kearney, Ph.D., Region 4 ESC
Administrators K-12, Behavioral Coordinators, Behavioral Specialists, Counselors, Special Education Teachers
Date Time Location
4/2/2024 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM Zoom Session, Online Course
8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Zoom Session, Online Course

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      Region 4 renovations begin March 2023
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