Resiliency Conference

There are everyday stressors such as traffic, challenging behaviors in the classroom as well as the exceptional life events that occur. In education we band together, support each other and move forward despite the challenges.  This is a special day to acknowledge the capacity of educators to be resilient and to have a day to expand upon your knowledge with wonderful strategies to build resilience in yourself as well as your students.   Our phenomenal Keynote Diane Vine and Plenary presenter Josh Shipp will focus on the power of positive actions. The presenters will share individual and environmental approaches to overcome difficulties, which will make a difference in your life and the lives of your students. 

Come and experience the fun filled breakout sessions that will focus on practical self-care strategies to enhance your daily practices, support your well-being and the wellness of your students.

Dimension 3.1: Classroom Environment, Routines and Procedures, Dimension 3.2: Managing Student Behavior, Dimension 3.3: Classroom Culture; Standard 4 - School Culture

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