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 Catalog: Thursday January 10, 2019
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9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 1370415-Instructional Coaching: Using PLCs to Improve Student Achievement
Region 4 ESC, MCC 207
8:30 AM - 1:30 PM 1436559-Focus Group: Region 4 Special Education Services
Region 4 ESC, MCC 101

Friday 5/1/2020
TETN: ELL Special Populations Bilingual ESL Title III

Attend this TETN session to receive information regarding changes and updates in Bilingual, ESL ...

Title III English Learner Program Implementation Training: Bilingual and ESL Program Deep Dive
Region 4 ESC, RLA Remote 1

This Program Deep Dive training option provides exploration of rubric and tools content as well ...

Monday 5/4/2020
Texas Instructional Leadership: Data-Driven Instruction
Data-Driven Instruction is a Texas Instructional Leadership training that supports administrators i...

Accessibility: Improve Reading Fluency (Apple Education Online Session)
Powerful assistive features are built into iPad to support your vision, hearing, motor

Prepare Resources for Remote Learning (Apple Education Online Session)
This session will help educators learn how to get up and running for remote learning
with iP...

Create and Share Presentations and Demos (Apple Education Online Session)
Presenting information in compelling ways is even more important when you’re not able

Create Engaging Video with Clips (Apple Education Online Session)
Clips is a free app that lets teachers and students easily create and share fun and

Navigating Google Classroom (Online)
Learn to use Google Classroom to manage student assignments.  You’ll set up as many Clas...

Connect and Collaborate Remotely (Apple Education Online Session)
When educators and learners aren’t in the same room, strategies for communication are

Tuesday 5/5/2020
Microsoft Education Tools in The K-12 Classroom (Online)

This session will provide attendees with the support needed to successfully utilize Microsoft's ...

Assistive Technology Team Seminars: Systemic Application, Session A (online)
The Assistive Technology Team Seminars (ATTS) training is available by contract only and registrati...

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